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The use of storytelling has reached a cultural tipping point in Fortune 500 companies and leading nonprofits, and has reached the pages of Harvard Business Review, The Economist and the The Wall Street Journal. Applications of storytelling range from the highly practical, such as how to handle a customer incident, to highly visionary, such as how to create a culture of innovation.

Leading research has shown the importance of narrative in branding, human capital and stakeholder management, innovation and change management. In almost every aspect of management and organization, storytelling has a role. The reason is simple: stories are often what compel us to act.

1. The Change Imperative: Storytelling and Strategy

  • The story of storytelling: Origins of the discipline
  • A good story: Themes, memes, and tacit knowledge
  • “Let me tell you a story…” How stories work at work
  • Stories are participation: Why stories enact ideas
  • The tribe: Storytelling and professional communities
  • What’s My story? Identity and career scripts
2. The Life of the Community: Storytelling within Organizations
  • How things work around here: Organizational histories, myths and legends
  • Story models: A narrative typology for organizations and work communities
  • The hero and the madman: Narrative archetypes and universal story structures
  • Case stories: Real examples of organizations using storytelling

3. A Good Theory is a Good Story: Storytelling and Knowledge Management

  • The context is the content: A narrative approach to knowledge management
  • Sharing tacit knowledge: The power of stories to bridge knowledge gaps
  • The knowledge creation spiral: How stories cultivate innovation and learning
  • Best practices and lessons learned: Knowledge sharing in communities of practice
  • Why storytelling sparks action: Moving from knowing to doing

4. The World is a Stage: Storytelling and Strategic Communication

  • Why it grabs our attention: Authentic stories and brand resonance
  • A common story: From customer service to stakeholder affinity
  • The viral meme: Stories that build community and demand participation
  • Watch this: Examples of the storytelling trend in advertising

5. The Medium and the Message: Storytelling and Digital Media

  • Scaling the water cooler: Digital storytelling and enterprise-wide knowledge media
  • Who cares? Getting the right knowledge to the right audience through the right media
  • Imagineering the story: Production tools and techniques for crafting digital stories
  • Blog, Flash or Stream: Selecting appropriate delivery tools and media formats

6. Heroes in our Midst: Storytelling and Performance Management

  • The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat: How stories become performance criteria
  • What matters: How stories help us negotiate intentions and consequences
  • Credible stories: Narrative approaches for evaluating and communicating results
  • Future stories: Narratives for planning, change, and creating opportunities

7. The Chief and the Shaman: Storytelling and Leadership

  • Leading by examples: Allegories, anecdotes, and other teaching stories
  • The golden thread: Why all great leaders are great storytellers
  • The hero with a thousand faces: Leaders as main characters
  • Your turn: Techniques for becoming a better storyteller
  • Performance session: Telling your story

8. Beyond Facts or Fairy Tales: Storytelling and the Future

  • Imagination unleashed: The new convergence of knowledge and media
  • The corporate press: Digital journalism and the future of organizational storytelling
  • Back to the future: Why new business and new technology depend on the ancient art of storytelling

Course modules include real-world case studies, video interviews with thought-leaders in organizational storytelling, activities, resources and discussion for launching storytelling projects.

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Michael KullMichael D. Kull is President of AMPLIFI, a research and advisory services firm offering knowledge management strategies and new media solutions. Prior to launching AMPLIFI he was with Lighthouse Consulting Group as Director of Research and Learning and before that he was the KM subject matter expert at KPMG creating solutions for the external KM practice. He has developed methodologies and assessments such as the Enterprise IQ indicator.

Michael Kull holds a PhD in Knowledge Management from George Washington University where he has taught the management of knowledge and innovation. At GWU, he is involved in the development of a program in knowledge management and piloted the first KM graduate course in the world which he designed in 1997.

He provides unique insights into an emerging worldview that brings to business the latest concepts from neurology and the cognitive sciences, cultural anthropology, organizational psychology, complexity science, and information media. He teaches several courses in business strategy and management systems including an elite internship program for the U.S. Air Force.

His clients include the U.S. General Services Administration, MCI, Citibank, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Marine Corps as well as several KM-related software companies and dot-coms.

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Michael KullMichael Kull is an Intervista Institute faculty member and leading expert in Knowledge Management and Organizational Storytelling.
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