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Services Innovation for the Public Sector

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Services Innovation for the Public Sector
Enabling Transformation for Citizen-Centric Service Delivery

In this 2-day interactive session, your team will develop innovation and design thinking capabilities
that will enable your organization to implement:

  • Citizen-centred services delivery
  • Transformation, change and renewal
  • Strategic business model innovation for government
  • Performance improvement programs

Leading culture change and innovation in the public sector is a growing imperative for strategists,
leaders, business architects and managers alike. Tighter budgets among other government
challenges are increasing the need for innovation. But does your team have the necessary skills to
strategically model the citizen-centric services that will create the future of government?

1. Why Service Innovation?
    Improving service delivery to citizens.

  • Increasingly complex and uncertain environment
  • Innovation strategy as a possible solution to government challenges
  • Core challenges for public sector innovation
    - Evidence-based management
    - Transient leadership
    - Risk avoidance
  • Types of innovation opportunities:
    Empowering vs. Sustaining vs. Efficiency

2. You say transformation, I say innovation.
     The need for a common language.

  • The anatomy of change: The strategy, design and transformation continuum
  • Why products, services and technology-driven innovation are not enough
  • Business models as a blueprint for government strategy
  • The business model canvas: Nine components to describe, analyse and change what the organization does
  • Understanding dynamics

3. A real world look.
     Best practices for business model innovation in government.

  • Business models in the public sector
  • Evolving maturity in business models
  • Multiple business models

4. Design thinking for government innovation.
    An overview of the process.

  • Citizen-centred: Shifting the perspective from you to the client
  • Ideation: The power of ‘what if’ questions and other techniques
  • Visual thinking: Exploring building blocks and their interrelationships
  • Prototyping: Iterations and options

5. Client insight.
       Focusing on client/citizen outcomes.

  • Who is the client: When is the citizen not the client?
  • Client perspective
  • Job-to-be-done or problem-to-be-solved
  • Value proposition canvas

6. Exploring service innovation ideas.
     Using the power of iteration.

  • Guidelines for the ideation process
  • Creating options
  • Triggers: questions & epicentres of change
  • Iterative development – ideation to validation
  • The value of prototypes for innovation strategy
  • Real world case study

7. The reality check.
    Validating and assessing strategic options.

  • Internal assessment: Strengths and weaknesses
  • Context: The environment – influences, constraints and trends
  • Sanity check: The numbers
  • Assumptions: Client development process – lean and agile methods

8. Managing the innovation process.
Leading change initiatives.

  • Mobilization of leadership
  • Understanding the current environment
  • Design the future
  • Implementation of changes
  • Management of the business model

Who should attend

Senior Vice President/Director
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Innovation Officer
Chief Design Officer
Innovation Director/Manager Director General, Innovation
Chief Digital Officer
Director, Business Innovation
Director, Service Design
Director, Service Innovation
Director, Social Innovation
Chief Enterprise Architect
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Vice President/Director IS
Business Architect
Program Director
Strategic Director/Manager
Enterprise Architect
Information Systems Manager
IS/Technology Architect
IS/Technology Planner
Project Manager/Leader Information Architect
Business Analyst
Chief Design Officer
Change Management Specialist
Tier 1 IS/Innovation Consultant
Policy Analyst
Research and Development Lead

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What your colleagues say about Intervista Courses
“I congratulate you on the high caliber of your speakers — they bring a wealth of knowledge to supplement the course material.”
Carol Lachapelle
Director, Information Management
NB Department of Transportation

“Absolutely excellent, current and immediately applicable.”
James Meck
Chief Architect
BAE Systems

“The pragmatic approach is helpful and appreciated.”
Carol Bingaman
Program Manager
Commonwealth of Pensylvannia

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 2-Day Executive Session
Course fees
Small teams
(5 to 9 participants: fee per participant). Large teams inquire for additional discount.

$ 1895
Early enrollment
4 weeks prior to session date.

$ 1950
Regular enrollment
Must be received one day prior to session. No participant will be admitted into the course without prior payment arrangement.

$ 1970
Applicable taxes extra. All prices are in USD.

*Promotional offer cannot be combined with our discounts. Credit card payment required at time of registration.

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Group discounts do not apply for customized courses. Educational sessions scheduled outside continental United States and Canada are subject to a 20% surcharge on tuition fees.

Cancellations are accepted up to two weeks prior to the course. A $100 service charge will be applied.
Please obtain a cancellation number from us to confirm.  Late cancellations will not be refunded, but enrollment fees may be credited to any future Intervista course, seminar or conference anywhere in North America. Substitutions may be made at any time.

Intervista Institute reserves the right to postpone, cancel or change scheduled dates or venues, as well as the right to substitute instructors with other highly qualified experts. Participants that cannot attend a rescheduled course and have paid for the course, will be entitled to a full refund or credit for another course.


To register for this course, complete our online registration form or call 1-800-397-9744. Outside North America +1 514 937-7130.

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Program Overview

1. Why Service Innovation?
2. You say transformation,
    I say innovation
3. A real world look
4. Design thinking for
    government innovation
5. Client insight
6. Exploring service innovation ideas
7. The reality check
8. Managing the innovation process

Course leader

LachapelleMichael Lachapelle
Michael Lachapelle is a member of the Intervista faculty as well as a business design and transformation consultant with more than 12 years’ experience in both the corporate and public sectors.
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