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Day 1 – Enterprise Architecture for Innovation and Governance

1. Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Innovation.
    Emerging priorities in business and government.

  • A short history of innovation and why it matters
  • What innovation means in an information and services economy
  • IT Portfolio Management and EA
    - Demonstrating value and accountability in IT
  • Business alignment: Strategy + Innovation + Integration
    - From CIO to Chief Innovation Officer and the role of EA
2. Enterprise Architecture thinking.
    Creating design spaces for innovation.

  • Design thinking: Innovation as learning
  • Where frameworks and schematics fit
  • Why classification and enterprise semantics are critical
  • Managing essential and accidental complexity

3. Understanding your EA culture.
     Why it's a good place to start.

  • Frameworks vs. Methodologies
  • Architecture Positioning: Top down or bottom up
  • How your personal and your industry defaults may impact you
  • Understanding the dominant logic in your organization
  • An overview of common EA approaches

4. Trends in Enterprise Architecture.
    The next big thing in architectures.

  • Services architecture and the drive for shared services
  • Information architecture and enterprise semantics
  • Mapping the future with Business Architecture
  • Cloud computing: Impact on application and technology architecture
  • Emerging standards in EA methodologies: TOGAF, MODAF, et al
  • Advances in EA Frameworks

5. Strategically implementing Enterprise Architecture.
    From CIO’s vision to reality.

  • Enterprise Architecture: Managing the tension between governance and innovation
  • The role of frameworks in enabling innovation and design
  • The role of process standards (like TOGAF) in enabling governance
  • Determining Enterprise Architecture metrics: Real world example
  • EA mindsets and skill sets: Managing diversity in Enterprise Architecture teams

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Days 2 & 3: Enterprise Architecture Implementation Strategies

1. Enterprise modeling fundamentals.
    Creating a blueprint using the Zachman Framework.

  • Knowing where you are: Frameworks and Meta-frameworks
  • Achieving business alignment
  • Semantic analysis: How natural language approaches work
  • Primitive versus composite models
  • Assuring model quality
  • Managing consistency of analysis

2. Enterprise Architecture approaches.
    Why architecture perspectives matter.

  • Strategic architectures: Understanding alliances and stakeholders
  • Business semantic vocabulary and concepts integration
  • Information architecture modeling approaches
  • Technology architecture and impact of cloud computing
  • Common components architecture
  • Semantic synthesis through usage
  • Enterprise modeling tools: Benefits and gotchas

3. Enabling Services Innovation & Design.
    Program and Services Modeling.

  • EA and services innovation
  • Understanding core processes and enabling processes
  • Line of Visibility Methodology [LovEm]
  • Modeling public sector organizations
  • Real world case study

4. Architecture patterns and reference models.
    The payoff for Enterprise Architecture.

  • Creating reusable artifacts
  • Government reference models
  • Industry target operating models
  • Real world case study

5. Aligning your EA with your enterprise strategy.
    Managing innovation, risk and standards.

  • Enterprise Architecture for governance or innovation: What’s the goal?
  • Recognizing industry defaults and organizational culture
  • Strategic stretching: Determining how much change
  • Identifying suitable Enterprise Architecture on-ramps
  • Strategic development vs. EA planning: From design to stage gate models

6. Enterprise Architecture for innovation.
    Strategic approaches to EA implementation.

  • Process-driven innovation and SOA
  • Information-driven services and information architectures
  • Business model-driven innovation: Enabling change with Business Architecture
  • Technology-driven innovation: Implementing a responsive infrastructure architecture

7. Enterprise Architecture for governance.
    When risk management is the goal.

  • Enterprise Architecture and IT governance
  • How much architecture/how much governance?
  • TOGAF and EA governance
  • A brief overview of TOGAF
  • Overlaps with IT governance standards
  • Enterprise Architecture and IT Portfolio Management

8. Enterprise Architecture Standards.
    How EA design standards enable change.

  • The role of EA modeling and process standards
  • Framework semantic structures
  • Language and constructs
  • Guideposts: Establishing degrees of freedom/flexibility

9. Managing the EA organization.
    Integration, innovation and governance.

  • The EA team: Roles and responsibilities
  • The evolving role of the CIO office
  • The Enterprise Architecture organization: EA Teams, review boards workgroups and more
  • Governance and standards groups in the organization
  • Enterprise integration, EA and innovation

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Day 1
Enterprise Architecture for Innovation and Governance

1. Enterprise Architecture and innovation
2. Enterprise Architecture thinking
3. Understanding your EA culture
4. Trends in Enterprise Architecture
5. Strategically implementing EA

Day 2 & 3
Enterprise Architecture Implementation Strategies

1. EA modeling fundamentals
2. EA Modeling approaches
3. Enabling Services Innovation & Design
4. Architecture patterns/reference models
5. Aligning EA with enterprise strategy
6. Enterprise Architecture for innovation
7. Enterprise Architecture for governance
8. Enterprise Architecture standards
9. The EA organization

Course leader
Stan Locke

Stan Locke is a long time faculty member of the Intervista Institute and Enterprise Architecture implementation consultant, researcher and practitioner.
Learn more about our faculty

"… Stan is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever encountered: articulate, entertaining, engaging, considerate and knowledgeable."
Alice Sturgeon
Senior Director
Treasury Board Secretariat, CIO Branch

"Hour-for-hour, this is the best seminar I have attended. The instructors thoroughly covered concepts, demonstrated their application effectively and convincingly explained the consequences of poor architectural practice."
Daniel A. Joseph, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, MIS
Rochester Institute of Technology

" I feel energized and much better equipped to think things through and start engineering the enterprise. Thanks!"
Kelvin White
Corporate Technical Architect
Talisman Energy

"This has been an eye opening experience. Receiving this training from the masters will most certainly keep measurable benefits going forward. Stan provided additional concepts and practices around implementation strategies, a critical next step in exploiting the framework ontology - this was great!!! ."
Dennis Johnson
System Architect
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Quite an enjoyable course.  Would take other courses from Intervista in future."
Jason D'Silva
Application Developer
Ministry of Government Services Province of Ontario

"The greatest reward from this two-day course was the depth of John's knowledge on the industry in general with regards to the framework. This is the value added, separate from the content."
Sherry Shaaked
Manager, Planning & Coordination Infrastructure Canada

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